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Thursday, October 5 @ 6pm

October Agenda

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Guest Speaker: 
Eilish Twesday-Kate Rodriguez

MTV "Stranded With A Million Dollars" participant



Teens organize and present at the council as leaders.  Bring your ideas for the community and engage in a dialogue by "Helping, Reaching, Speaking Out" with Mayor Tommy Roberts or guest speakers.

Contribution from UmattR and middle and high school representatives from throughout San Juan County.  San Juan County Partnership assistance in the prevention of underage drinking and sticker shocks.


ABOUT MTAC: "Helping, Reaching, Speaking Out" Mayors Teen Advisory Council. Be a representative from your school and encourage your friends (ages 12-18) to join the teen council that meets on the first Thursday of the month at 6:00pm in the Teen Zone at the Farmington Public Library. The teen council's not only for Farmington teens, it is for San Juan County teens!

The focus of MTAC is Positive Youth Development: Youth contribute to their community; feel safe in their environment; achieve educational success; have marketable skills and develop personal and social skills. Teens who participate in the teen council committees are given responsibilities that positively affect the libraries they service while gaining skills that can help them in school and in the world of work. Teens collaborate in the committees and share information and nurture mutual respect and understanding between the generations.
























Reader's Advisory: The committee of teens volunteers to assist the Teen Zone Technician at the library - where the readers are - to address the social aspects of reading and is invited to learn about the library's organizing and reviewing process.

Forum for Youth
























Teen Programs: The committee of teens volunteers to define, plan and process effective programs for teens at the library, including summer reading, Teen Tech week and Teen Read Week. This project is an opportunity for teens to earn money through the Teen Enterprise, a service learning project sponsored by the New Mexico Forum for Youth in Community .

Blended Zine for teens by teens was created to be an artistic outlet for teens in San Juan County. Blended is integrated into and enhances the academic curriculum of students in middle schools, high schools, alternative schools, home schools and private schools.

Bullying Prevention online course... The National Center for School Engagement, in collaboration with the Partnership for Families and Children, has released the online course, "Getting Serious: A Best Practice Approach to Bullying Prevention." The course provides an overview of bullying concepts and trends, highlights the links between school climate and bullying, and introduces best practices in bullying prevention.

Mayor Tommy Roberts is interested is getting teens in the community who want to volunteer and be part of the teen voice. Students interested in civic engagement and community service or service learning should come and share their ideas – joining a board as a junior member, being available to speak on teen issues on a panel or on the radio – are a few suggestions.

MADDPrevention Program(s): Sponsored by San Juan County Partnership, Youth In Action teens help to reduce the social and retail availability of alcohol to minors and support enforcement of underage drinking laws. Youth in Action contacts local alcohol serving establishments and organizes to meet at their location to place stickers on the alcoholic beverages to create awareness in the community about the consequences for providing alcohol to a minor.

Help Stop Underage Drinking

Youth in Action in Albuquerque, NM with MADD National President


Fruit of the Vine

Full length video rendition of the well-received children's fantasy book "Fruit of the Vine" (Chipmunkapublishing 2010) by Ellen Weisberg and Ken Yoffe. This is a tender, funny and exciting story about friendship, altruism in children, and how to deal with bullies. "Fruit of the Vine" promotes bystander intervention and altruism among children in bullying situations. All artwork is original by Ellen Weisberg, and the audio and video were produced by Ellen Weisberg and Tim Mello.

Friends and Mates in Fifty States

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

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