Farmington Public Library, Farmington, NM

What is Make.Do?

At the most basic level, Make.Do is Social D.I.Y. (Do it Yourself)

The Farmington Public Library Make.Do program is part science fair, part county fair, part interactive show-and-tell, and part something entirely new. It creates opportunities for conversations with Makers. Make.Do is a multi-generational gathering that brings together tech enthusiasts, crafters, educators, tinkerers, hobbyists, engineers, science clubs, authors, artists, students, and entrepreneurs. All of these “Makers” come to Make.Do to show what they have made and to share what they have learned to do. Make.Do features hands-on activities, learning opportunities and the chance for visitors to learn a wide variety of new skills. It is a community-based learning event that celebrates the local maker culture and inspires everyone to become a maker, and connect with people and projects in the community.

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The Farmington Public Library has three main types of  Make.Do Programs:

Make.Do Fairs are held every few months and bring together local makers to showcase their talents while demonstrating a variety of seasonal projects, craft & art, home & garden DIY, upcycling/recycling, technology, food hacking, science, and more.

Make.Do Time is like a mini maker fair each Friday from 3:30 to 4:30 starting October 20th through the end of April. Make.Do Time can be high tech or low tech. You could learn how to make a seasonal wreath, see the 3D printer in action, or learn how to make a computer mouse from a piece of fruit! (Make.Do Time for 2019-2020 Fall/Winter has been cancelled due to lack of staffing)

Classes are offered every week on a wide variety of  Make.Do topics.
3D Printer Basics, Teen Tech Tuesday and <Code Farmington> are some examples.

Check the library events calendar for a complete listing of all the library programs coming up:
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"Humans do two things that make us unique from all other animals; we use tools and we tell stories. And when you make something, you’re doing both at once."
- Adam Savage

Volunteer to help us at the Earth Day Make.Do Fair, April 18, 11-1PM
We need your help showing others some fun Earth Day recyling projects.

Sign up to volunteer for Make.Do Earth Day Fair

Here are a few fun ideas of projects you could do for the fair:





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