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books for babies

A cooperative effort on the part of the General Federation of Farmington Women's Club and the Farmington Public Library Foundation has provided the Farmington Public Library with the development of the "Baby's First Library Card".

This program emphasizes to mothers of newborns the importance of reading to the very youngest member of the family and brings together the key elements for a child's future success as a gift: a beginning board book, to be read by the mother, a first library card to be redeemed when the child is old enough for a real card - something great for the scrapbook!

The bookmark, that includes an invitation to visit the library, is distributed at San Juan Regional Medical Center and Shiprock Medical Center / OB-GYN Departments for new mothers. You can also stop by Youth Services and ask us for a board book for your new baby.

The primary purpose of the library service is to introduce parents to the library as a parenting information center and to demonstrate the ways of sharing book and nonbook materials with very young children.

Board Book Beginnings

You can find a collection of board books in the Farmington Public Library children's collection. Board books are recommended for use with 6-18 month old children and are an excellent way to introduce the younger child to books.

The Farmington Public Library invites you and your child to participate in Story Time, reading programs and other educational activities offered throughout the year. Register for the e-newsletter.

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One of the most popular parenting books is YOUR NEW POTTY by Joanna Cole. With over forty vivid full-color photographs, an easy-to-read supportive text for children, and a comprehensive guide for parents, this sensible book by an expert in toilet training will make a child's transition from diapers to underpants a lot easier.

For our nation's future, more very young children must be attracted to books. The board book, a sturdy, wipe-clean book with cardboard pages, was developed for toddlers who want to "read," play with, and turn the pages of books. These board books are recommended for use with the six to eighteen month old child. There has been a marked improvement in the content and the quality of book illustration in the Board Book format. Among the most popular board books are MADELINE, CLIFFORD THE BIG RED DOG, GOODNIGHT MOON, THE WHEELS ON THE BUS, PETER RABBIT, and any ELMO and SESAME STREET characters in books. Most recently added Board Books are MOBY DICK and NFL Football and Baseball team board books.

When a new baby comes to live at your house, big brother or sister will have to make some adjustments. A bibliography of books that offers insights on sibling rivalry and advice on what parents can do about it, is listed in the brochure. Some books explain what parents can expect from their children's sibling relationships at each stage of development from eighteen months to sixteen years of age. Others explain how parents can help their children accentuate the positive aspects of sibling relationships and minimize the negative feelings of jealousy and resentment. The book PETER'S CHAIR by Ezra Keats tells how Peter and his dog feel left out when things start to change at home when a new baby is about to be born. The family solves the problem by involving Peter in a project to welcome his new sister.

Baby's First Library Card acquaints mothers of newborns with the important role they play in the development of their children. By beginning to read to them in infancy, and by becoming regular library users, they jump-start children's ability to read and to learn. Books provide the key to education. Please call the Farmington Public Library Youth Services at 599-1273 for more information or email us.

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