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Blended is a literature and art magazine for teens by teens in San Juan County.


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  Volume 8, Issue 1  
May 2015



Students from the following schools have submitted to Blended Zine:


Aztec High School Kirtland Central High School Piedra Vista High School
Bloomfield High School Koogler Middle School Rocinante High School
Dzilth-na-o-dith-hle Kirtland Middle School San Juan College
Farmington High School Lybrook Middle School Shiprock High School
Farmington Municipal Schools Mesa Alta Junior High School Tibbetts Middle School
Grant Middle School Mesa View Middle School Tse'Bit'Ai Middle School
Heights Middle School Mosaic Academy University of New Mexico
Hermosa Middle School Navajo Preparatory School Vista Nueva High School
Home School New Mexico State University Zuni High School

Teen Choice Winners!
Ashley Parker, 2016 Winner
Caleb Lybrook, 2016 Runner-Up
Grace Lee, 2015 Winner
Ashley Parker, 2014 Winner
Kelsey Rahm, 2013 Winner
Dana Standridge, 2012 Winner
Jensen Litke, December 2011 Winner
Evan Atwood, May 2011 Winner


Release Party


Each issue of Blended was unveiled at a Release Party at the Farmington Public Library. All San Juan County teens and their families were invited to attend the release parties. Artists honored by Lt. Governor John Sanchez Teens published in Volume 5 Issue 1
Volume 4 Issue 2 Teen Choice Winner, Evan Atwood Volume 4 Issue 2 Published artists Vol. 4 Issue 1 Release Party
Vol. 4 Issue 1 Release Party
Vol. 3 Issue 1 Release Party
Vol. 3 Issue 2 Release Party
Vol. 3 Issue 1 Release Party
Vol. 3 Issue 1 Release Party Vol. 2 Issue 2 Release Party
Vol. 2 Issue 1 Release Party Vol. 2 Issue 1 Release Party Vol. 1 Issue 2 Release Party
  Vol. 1 Issue 1 Release Party  


Blended in the Media

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Blended in Arts Perspective

Article in the New Mexico State Library e-newsletter

Blended Zine's former editor, Erica Brown, was interviewed for Pat Mora's blog!



Blended Mission Statement

Blended Zine was created to be an artistic outlet for teens in San Juan County. Blended strives to be a positive influence and helps teens stay connected and involved with the community. Along with the Farmington Public Library, Blended enlightens, enriches, and changes lives by providing innovative, optimistic and constructive influences for adolescents.

Ethic Statement
The Blended staff strives to be a good example for teens and to represent the Farmington Public Library and the City in a fair, appropriate, and professional manner.


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Blended is made possible through generous grants.