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Farmington Regional Library
System Library Card Issuance Policy

Approved by Library Advisory Board 2/15/11

The library card represents a legally binding contract with the City of Farmington.

To check out materials from the Farmington Regional Library System requires a valid library card issued from one of the regional libraries (defined as Farmington Public Library or Shiprock Branch Library) and valid personal identification number (PIN).

To register for a card, an adult (18 years and older) must complete and sign the application.

Applicant must present photo identification and proof of applicant's mailing address. These items are required in order to process the application and issue a library card. A second photo ID may be required.

To register for a card for a minor child (17 years and under) requires a completed application with the signature and Farmington Regional Library System library card number of the parent or legal guardian who signs for the card. Parent or legal guardian must be present at the time the card is issued.  Parent or legal guardian assumes ultimate responsibility for the activity on the child's card.  

Only the parent or legal guardian may sign for and authorize a minor child's library card.  Parent or legal guardian may not authorize child's card if his/her own card is in a barred status.

Legal guardians may be required to verify guardianship of the minor child.

To replace a lost library card for an adult requires a new completed and signed application, photo identification, proof of mailing address and payment of a $2 replacement fee.

To replace a lost library card for a minor child requires a new completed application with the signature of parent or legal guardian along with the parent's or legal guardian's Farmington Regional Library System library card number, and a $2 replacement fee.

Cardholders agree to be responsible for all materials borrowed, report changes of mailing address or loss of the card promptly, and follow library rules and policies. Farmington Regional Library System policies, which define the privileges and responsibilities of the cardholder, are available at

Library cards are issued to individuals only, and an individual may have only one card. No library card shall be issued for the joint use of a group, class, family, church, business or other organization.

In order to accommodate minor children who are visiting the Farmington area during the summer and wish to participate in the summer reading program, the adult caretaker may sign for, and assume ultimate responsibility for, a temporary library card for the child. All borrowed materials must be returned by the end of the summer reading program and the temporary card will be deleted from the database at the end of September.

All Farmington Regional Library System cards are valid for one year beginning with the date of issuance. Continued borrowing privileges require that the account be renewed annually by the cardholder in person at either the Farmington Public Library or Shiprock Branch Library. Unlike replacing a lost card, renewing card privileges does not involve any cost or additional documentation.

An adult may not obtain a library card for another adult. However, if an individual requires assistance due to disability, reasonable accommodations will be made.

The library card is valid at the Farmington Public Library and the Shiprock Branch Library.

The library card and PIN are required to borrow library materials through the self-checkout system, log into the computer lab, use the library's wireless Internet access, participate in teen gaming programs, register for the annual summer reading program, use a study room, access personal account information through the library Website, and access a wide variety of other materials, services and resources available through the library's Website,

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