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Public Computer Monitoring Policy

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(rev. 12-16-2008)

Security personnel use direct observation and surveillance cameras to monitor the use of computers for possible violation of Internet Use Policy and Computer Rules. (Cameras are used to monitor general behavior in the library as well.) Additionally, the library staff uses direct observation and interaction to ensure that computer users abide by the Internet Use Policy and Computer Rules.

Staff and/or security will intervene when:

  • A patron needs assistance with the operation of a computer. Staff will provide necessary assistance, within guidelines stated above, or will recommend that the patron acquire necessary skills through the library's classes or elsewhere.
  • A patron violates the library's Internet Use Policy, Computer Rules, or Acceptable Behavior. (Consequences are stated in each of the above named documents.)
  • A patron using a computer leaves young children unattended.
  • A patron refuses to surrender use of a computer to the next person waiting or fails to surrender use of a computer at closing time.
  • Reasons otherwise determined by staff and/or security.
  • Young children who are not accompanied by an adult may be referred to our Security Personnel.

Computer resources are available to:

  • Individuals who wish to use a computer for purposes including Internet access, e-mail, or library-provided applications such as word processing and databases.
  • Individuals who wish to learn how to use computer technology by taking classes offered by the library.

Policies and computer rules:

  • The Internet Use Policy and Acceptable Behavior are on the library's Web page. Printed copies are available at the reference desk.
  • Computer rules (extracted from the Internet Use Policy in summary form) are posted throughout the Public Computer Areas.
  • By using a library computer, the patron agrees to follow the library's computer rules and policies.
  • By logging onto a library computer, an individual forfeits his/her right to privacy.
  • Patrons are reminded that the policy allows for thirty minutes' use per day in the FPL system.

Instruction and assistance:

  • Library staff will provide assistance to individuals who need help with basic computer functions, but will not provide in-depth assistance or instruction at the expense of carrying out other assigned duties.
  • Library staff will not conduct computer transactions (such as e-mail, filing electronic applications, word processing) on behalf of a patron.
  • Library staff will conduct a variety of scheduled classes for the purpose of instructing people with using computers and specific resources available on the library's computer.

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