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Crafters and Makers and the Crafty and Makey!

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Youth Make.Do

Youth Make DoYOUTH Make.Do at the Farmington Public Library is scheduled for Saturday, December 28 from 2 to 4pm to give youth and families the opportunity to be "crafty and makey" by registering online through December 20 and share demonstrations or hands-on projects with our community.

If you aren't presenting…
join us for MAKE.DO on Saturday, December 28 from 2 to 4pm

(Walk-in anytime)

Explora Science Museum was recently at the library and at local schools and inspired many of our youth and educators to work on more hands-on projects – here is an opportunity to share

Art and shop classes have been almost eliminated in our schools and many projects are now online. PINTEREST shares a variety of DIY (do it yourself) projects and most of these projects can help your and our library to develop a community of makers.

Educators, parents and youth are encouraged to work together, not for robotics, electronics or engineering science fair competition, but to be creative and participate in the Make.Do!

What will you find at MAKE.DO on December 28 from 2 to 4pm

The Farmington Public Library will demonstrate and how to use a 3D printer. If you have registered for the winter reading program, we may select you if you are at the Make.Do to make something on the 3D printer! While supplies last, you can also make a Bristlebot using the head of a toothbrush as its body and the bristles as its legs, nylon hairs twitch and vibrate to make the "bot" bounce along like a nervous little insect. A tiny pager motor and coin cell battery provide the get up and go.

Sam Bridgham will set up Robotics from Durangobots with non-competitive activities where creativity is encouraged! You may get a chance to meet "Beetle Bot"; the "Angled Conveyor Lift" and more! Did you know? Durangobots! holds the World's First robotic Capture the Flag game – they like to call it "Liberate the Golf Ball". Sam is from Alpine Educational Associates in Durango and works with students to teach them how to build robots. You don't want to miss this at the Make.Do on Saturday, December 28 from 2 to 4pm!


Information and photos below (projects will not be at Make.Do) from: Maker Education Initiative (Maker Ed), CEO of Maker Media, founder of MAKE Magazine and creator of Maker Faire Young Makers program.

Making is "learning by doing," something we once understood to be a valuable way to learn but now seems to be missing in our schools and therefore absent in many of the lives of our children. Our goal is to help spread making in our communities so that more children encounter it in and out of school. We seek to build the capacity of youth-serving organizations to engage children as makers and prepare them for an active role in a world increasingly shaped by science and technology.