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Four Corners Storytelling Festival 2013
Four Corners Storytelling Festival Schedule (including Youth Storytellers)


Samantha DeWees Olivia Larson Kiran Edwards Ben Kelly Kaleb Herman Lareesa Ryan

Interested in being a youth storyteller in 2014?
Download and complete the Youth Storytelling Form


1. If you would like to participate in the Four Corners Storytelling Festival, download and complete the form above.

2. Call (505) 599-1273 to make an appointment with Flo Trujillo, Youth Services Coordinator

3. Contact Flo by email at


youth storytelling

This is an opportunity for students in the Four Corners to participate in the community and present personal and favorite stories promoting an enthusiasm for reading.  A very nice bonus of traditional storytelling is that stories come from every culture in the world as well as all cultural groups in the United States – African American, Latino, Native American, Italian American, etc.  Folktales are world tales and the most natural method available for providing a multicultural environment. In the Four Corners, there is a diversity of multi-cultural stories just waiting to be told by youth.  What are some of the benefits to storytelling for children?

  • Provides positive sharing experiences for students and fosters the development of creativity.
  • Benefits the listener as well as the teller while developing listening and visualization skills.
  • Provides opportunities for self-expression while fostering development of self-confidence, pride, poise, and self-esteem.
  • Stimulates interest in reading for pleasure for students of all reading levels, and these skills can be transferred to other reading and writing activities.
  • Shows the relationship between the written word and spoken word while enhancing vocabulary and language development.
  • Enhances development of higher thinking and strengthens the ability for recognition and memory of details.
  • Promotes an enthusiasm for learning while creating an opportunity for students to have fun while learning.
  • Fosters positive peer interaction and cooperation while promoting an appreciation for the talents of others and provides insights into student’s feelings.
  • Helps promote multi-cultural sensitivity and understanding and keeps alive the beliefs of a diverse culture.
  • AND, POTENTIALLY THE MOST IMPORTANT REASON OF ALL: Reluctant students who do not feel as competent as their peers in reading and writing, and who have low self-esteem, often become the star storytellers. This positive experience turns students around and changes their outlook on what they can accomplish.

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